Theology and Religious Studies

The one-year Master's degree programme Theology & Religious Studies focuses on specific professional fields. You will be prepared for a professional career within or outside religious institutions. The career perspectives for theologians on the Dutch labour market are good.

In our Master's degree programme you can choose from various specializations that each focus on their own field. You will not only take courses in which you reflect on a specific field or professional context; an internship is an obligatory part as well. Of course, you will write a thesis to finish your Master's degree programme. Throughout the programme you will be actively coached in your study progress and personal development. 

In 2018 the Theological faculty was ranked nr 5 in the world by the QS World University Rankings.

The programmes to choose from are:

Diversity_kleinBuilding Interreligious Relations
A need has arisen in recent years for interreligious dialogue in politics, education and business. This has much to do with globalization: flows of migrants, increasing mobility and new and changing modes of communication have made the world a smaller place.
Exploring a Discipline
This specialization offers a one year in-depth curriculum in a subdiscipline within theology or religious studies.
The media bombard us with reports on clashes between different religions and faith-based cultures.
Peace, Trauma and Religion
Peace, Trauma and Religion
This specialization aims to communicate insights and prepares professionals for this growing field of peace and conflict studies.
Spiritual Care (klein)
Spiritual Care (Dutch programme)
The Spiritual Care programme aims at preparing students as chaplain on behalf of various denominations as well as non-denominational spiritual care.

Theology & Religious Studies: Research

Another option is to choose the two-year Research Master's programme. It offers you the opportunity to conduct research in any specialized area within theology or religious studies. The Research Master's programme offers several specializations in a Thematic and in a Theological tradition. For example:

  • Biblical Studies and Digital Humanities
  • Bible Translation
  • Buddhism
  • Islam

Visit the Theology & Religious Studies: Research page for more information.