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History matters

The master’s degree course in history at the VU trains you to become a professional historian. The course is broad-based and also allows you to specialise in a particular area of history. All students follow a number of basic subjects. In addition you choose the broad master’s curriculum or one of the specialisations. If you decide to follow the broad master’s curriculum then you make your own choice from the other subjects offered. 

Each specialisation is based on one of the chairs of the History Department. The progress of your study is personally mentored by a member of the academic staff. Some specialisations are completely in English; others are in Dutch, but with some lectures in English.

In addition to the broad master’s course, the master’s degree course in history offers the following specialisations:

Global History and International Studies
Discover the relationship between the great global changes from the 15th century until the present and the flows of people, goods, ideas and knowledge.
Medical and Health Humanities
Learn to situate medical knowledge in the time and culture where it was produced, and in this way to appreciate the interaction between science and society.
Politiek en Soevereiniteit
Bestudeer de verschillende vormen van machtsuitoefening en de legitimiteit daarvan in de moderne geschiedenis (1800-nu) en de wijze waarop het verleden in het heden doorwerkt.
Religion and Society
Learn to understand the changing role of religion(s) in society from Antiquity up until the present.

Koen Voors

MA-History student at the VU

Foto Koen Voors

"I really appreciate the History Master programme at the VU, especially the range of courses on offer and the close contact with lecturers. They really help you to become a well-informed and critical historian!"

Heather Kemp

MA-History student at the VU, (originally from Florida, USA)

Foto Heather Kemp

"The small class size offers much interaction with professors and peers allowing you to be exposed to many views. Simultaneously there is academic freedom within research topics, so you get the best of both approaches!"

Our Alumni about the History Master