Become more entrepreneurial

Entrepreneurship is a state of mind. It's about turning opportunities into action

Welcome to the joint VU and UvA MSc in Entrepreneurship

During this exciting Master’s programme you learn how to be more entrepreneurial. Thinking and feeling like an entrepreneur benefits your career as employee or business owner.

The Master’s programme Entrepreneurship aims to provide students with cutting-edge knowledge on entrepreneurship, relevant skills, and an entrepreneurial attitude. In addition, the students will be able to bridge theory and practice by applying and creating relevant academic knowledge on entrepreneurship in real life settings to solve challenging problems. Accordingly, the student is equipped to assess and successfully develop new business ideas in uncertain environments with limited resources but with decent foundations, in the context of both new ventures as well as established firms. The programme broadly positions the concept by looking at different types of entrepreneurship: new commercial ventures, entrepreneurial activities within organizations, and initiatives that solve social problems. This broad positioning can also be seen in the enrollment of students from various academic backgrounds; not only students with a degree in business or economics are admitted but also students with degrees in different academic disciplines.

As two leading Dutch universities, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) and the University of Amsterdam (UvA) deliver a unique Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship in one of Europe’s most innovative business hubs: Amsterdam. Entrepreneurship has by now become a mature academic discipline. VU Amsterdam and the UvA have combined their expertise in this area to create an internationally relevant Master’s programme. It exposes students to two distinct academic cultures, challenging them to look further and preparing them for the demands of entrepreneurial practice. The joint character of this Master’s programme also reflects in the joint programme management. 

Admission & Application

There are strict admission criteria. These are set by the Admissions Board, which also decides on individual applications. Applicants are required to have an academic knowledge basis in Business Administration as well as basic knowledge of research methodology and sufficient analytical and statistical skills. For more information about the admission criteria please refer to the programme website.

After you registered for the UvA - MSc Entrepreneurship in Studielink you must apply for admission to the programme by submitting an online application on the UvA website. The deadline is 1 June.

If you hold a Bachelor's degree from a Dutch university of applied sciences you cannot be unconditionally admitted to the Master's programme in Entrepreneurship. For HBO Bachelors a pre-master's programme is available at the VU university. Visit the VU pre-master website for more information.
VU students with a BSc in (International) Business Administration, in Econometrics & Operations Research or in Economics and Business Economics have direct access to MSc Entrepreneurship and need to register in Studielink.nl for the VU - MSc Entrepreneurship programme before 1 June.
UvA students with a BSc in Actuarial Science, in Economics and Business/Economie en Bedrijfskunde or in Econometrics and Operations Research have direct access to MSc Entrepreneurship and need to register in Studielink.nl for the UvA - MSc Entrepreneurship programme before 1 June.

Programme Directors

enno             bram 1

Prof. dr. Enno Masurel                        Dr. Bram Kuijken

Overview Entrepreneurship: joint degree VU and UvA




1 year



1 April for international degree holders from non-EU/EEA countries (different deadlines may hold for other category students);

1 June for Dutch degree holders and international degree holders from EU/EEA countries


1 September




Economics, Business and Law

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