Classics and Ancient Civilizations: Ancient Studies

Studying Antiquity from an interdisciplinary perspective
Programme ofClassics and Ancient Civilizations 
TitleAncient Studies

The Master's programme Ancient Studies is embedded in a long tradition of teaching and researching Greek and Roman Antiquity, as well as the wider cultural heritage of ancient societies.

The programme is designed as a multi-disciplinary programme, because hardly a single question on ancient culture or society can be solved if you limit the evidence to either written sources or archaeological material. Therefore, you will be combining historical, literary, and archaeological approaches.

As of the academic year 2020-2021, this specialization will no longer be offered. Check the webpage of the Master's degree programme Classics and Ancient Civilizations for the new study programme, with the specializations Classics and Ancient Studies.

Why study Ancient Studies in Amsterdam?

  • This Master’s degree programme is offered by two universities. The University of Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam combined their expertise on the field of ancient history and archaeology in the Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology (ACASA). This merging of specialists from various academic disciplines creates a stimulating environment for collaboration and study.
  • You will have the possibility to choose from five different specializations, with the option to include an ancient language (Assyrian-Babylonian, Greek or Latin) in your programme.
  • Intensive classes consisting of small groups and direct personal contact with tutors.
  • The opportunity to study Ancient Studies in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, one of the most vibrant cultural and cosmopolitan cities of the world.
  • Amsterdam has its own antiquities museum, The Allard Pierson Museum, which is closely involved in the programme. The museum houses a large collection of ceramics, glass and bronzes from Greek and Roman Antiquity, as well as one of the most important collections of works of Classical Antiquity in the Netherlands and the wider European region.

Marthe Jonkers


"Ancient studies is a unique and fascinating degree programme. It brings you in contact with all kinds of aspects of Greek, Roman and Mesopotamian antiquity: religion, language, philosophy, art, politics, archaeology and mythology. And in addition, you have the scope to concentrate on the aspects you find most interesting yourself. It was precisely the width of the study and the scope for self-development that made me choose this course."